In Slide Together, the goal of each level is to combine all the green blocks together in one group.


Menu Select: Enter or Space

Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Reset: R

Back to Menu: Esc or B


Update 1:

Adjusted levels 5 and 6.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Made withChipTone, OpenFL, Stencyl, Inkscape, LMMS
Tags2D, blocks, Singleplayer, Stencyl
Average sessionA few minutes


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Great puzzle game, but how do I complete level 12? I can get the blue block to move the boxes and combine with the other block that's green on the left, but I can't get the two blue combined blocks to combine with the other last green block that's at the top right through the small gap. So, how do I get the two blue combined blocks to combine with the other green block to complete the level?

i got stumped on level 3. can i have some help?

That music was taken from Big Tall Small!


this game is made by the same person that made big tall small


Slide Together (Full Game)

Awesome brainteaser, congrats! i'd gladly welcome an undo button though ;)


Very cool. Got stumped on lvl 17, but I really enjoyed what you put together, Thanks for sharing!

same here, cant figure this one out..  Can you help with this?


You need the correct 4 block shape to pass through the area to the right.