Shrink and grow to reach the level goal in this puzzle platformer.


Menu Select: Enter or Space

Move: WAD or Arrow Keys

Reset: R

Back: Esc or B

Update 1:

Adjusted levels 4-8.

Increased speed of boxes when pushed.

Update 2:

Adjusted levels 5-7.

Decreased stopping time of smallest size player.

Update 3:

Removed some debug code from level 18.

Update 4:

Improved box pushing.

Adjusted levels 6, 7, 11, 12, 19.

Update 5:

Increased acceleration time of smallest size player.

Adjusted levels 7, 8, 11, 13, 17, 18.


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Is there a world record speedrun?

completed-good, but the physics of the yellow arrow introduced in lvl 14 are a litte wacky


i beat the game and i love it!

This looks like a Game Boy game by Nintendo!

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aaa i cant do level 19 :(
Edit: i beat 19 and now im stuck on 20
Edit: i beat it! that took like three days...

how does one get past level 12? i keep hitting the downsizers

Springs can be destroyed at the largest size.

I hope YouTube walkthroughs of this game come along so that I can get past Level 7.

Hold jump while on a spring to go higher.  Also, only one of the size changers is used in that level.

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Nice logic game with clever principles and platforming elements. The control is good and responsive. Puzzle and platformer parts are good balanced. I can only recommend this game👍
PS: You have to try Robert's previous game - BRDG 🙂