Create math expressions to open numbered locks in this block pushing puzzle game.


Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Undo: Z or U

Reset: R

Back: Esc or B

Update 1

Adjusted levels 5, 9, 11.

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(24 total ratings)
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Tags2D, Math, Singleplayer, Stencyl, Top-Down


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An absolutely superb little puzzler! I love how simple yet brilliant the mechanics. And excellent little brain teaser of a game!

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Is this bug?

No, the locked numbers group together just like the pushable ones so you can't remove any of the 9s.

So I can remove 2s because they connected only horizontal, but in this group numbers are connected both horizontal and vertical. That make sens but wasn't intuitive for me.

how do i download?


Oof, some of those were tricky. The 24, 32, 96 puzzle had me stumped for a while. Order of operations complicates some of the later puzzles, while others depended on figuring out what was and wasn't necessary. All in all a pleasant combination of challenges.

How do you do 14 (24,32,96)

Been a while, so I had to replay to get it. Use to decode the following hints one line at a time as you need.

znxr guveglgjb
va gur zvqqyr
jvgu rvtug naq sbhe
znxr gjraglsbhe
va gbc
jvgu rvtug naq guerr
znxr avarglfvk
jvgu guerr
naq cerivbhf gjraglsbhe


simple and clever game!


Rob... You're such a genius! Love your games.

These are math signs






This maths teacher approves. Great game!


i learned math lol


Fantastic game!


great game

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Nice game, coincidentally I too published a very similar game 4 days ago, maybe we can work together in future ;)

Hey Saphereye, what is that game that you published called?


Cool! In that puzzle game, what do I have to do?

You have to push numbers and symbols to form an equation equating to the goal value. E.g. if your goal is 3, you can push the blocks 1,+ and 2 in either




format, which forms the equation 1+2, thus solving the puzzle and unlocking the next level.

I have put other stuff in more detail on the game page itself.

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Oh, ok. Maybe I'll play that puzzle game one day.


Well done! piece of cake. The multiplications where fun. You could add a challenge round or if you beat the level with only 3 move you can a special unlock ability


Math Push (Full Game)

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Fun puzzle. I like that there's no physical timing skills required.  I've made my way through the first 20 levels, a few of them had me stumped for awhile until I figured out the trick. So far the  last 3 levels have me stumped even though they look simple enough. Going to have to keep plugging away.   Nice to be able to sort of skip a level if you're stuck.  


Done! While a fresh set of eyes got me through levels 21-23, I'll admit that bonus level 24 completely stumped me. Ended up watching the walkthrough video posted by  @gencivl. Doubt I'd  have ever gotten that one, it's kind of tricky.


I suck at math I can't get beat level 6

How exactly am i supposed to finish level 16? I can get two numbers to disappear but not all three, help?

All locks need to be unlocked at the same time by creating two expressions at once.



Great math puzzle game, but on level 11, how do I get the numbers, 4, 6, and the two 2's, to equal 6, and 8?


Subtracting a negative creates a positive.


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