Jumphase is a puzzle platformer where jumping lets you phase in and out of tiles that would otherwise stop you.


Move: WAD or Arrow Keys

Reset: R

Back: Esc or B

Update 1

Fixed a bug that caused multiple jump inputs to increase height.

Adjusted the exit position in level 5.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withChipTone, OpenFL, Stencyl, Inkscape, LMMS
Tags2D, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Stencyl
Average sessionA few minutes


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I am okay... 
P.S. Cool game! Love your plathormer games!

Cool puzzle platformer!

contorl your character can jump into phases in & out to get to the portal to complete all 24 levels


gunna do a speedrun

Found out that you can still control the players at the end screen. Right key don't have any effect, but left and up keys do work.

Also, you can clip to the ground, probably because the collison code can't keep it up.

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This…was surprisingly good. The graphics were simple, but the gameplay and levels were addicting and kept me going. Sadly, I only give it a 9/10 because there were some bugs, like in Level 08 when you jump onto the rectangle in the sky you can get stuck. But well done tho :)

EDIT: Yes, I have tried using R to reset the game but it didn’t work so I had to reload it and start from scratch.

EDIT 2: Nevermind, it turns out if you post a comment while the game is running the game freezes and you have to reload the thing.


what website did you made this



Quite well done! I like this new take on semisolids.

absolutely amazing game needs squeal


This is by far one of my favorites of @rob1221's games. I'd love a sequel, I just can't get enough!

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seems that if you mash escape after completing level 24 you can control the cubes at the "thanks for playing" screen

wait nvm it looks like all that does is effectively softlock the game

wait nvm it looks like it was intentional and i was stupid three months ago


Fantastic little game. Loved the unique twist on a simple platformer.


One of the best games I have played in a long time, controls are great, absolutely love it!


Great game I will definitely play it again sometime.


ye me too

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The music was the same BGM to other games.

Anyway rob1221, put all of your old games into a soundtrack in YouTube.


Really cool game :D


This game is great, I love the concept and the gameplay is really good too, I think that this game is the perfect length too.


Really good game. Loved the concept!


never stop


Great game! Love the mechanic of phasing thru walls and the (I don't know if intentional) aesthetic of late 2000's/early 2010's flash games.


I enjoyed so much! Thanks for this great game!




Wonderful Game.

Jumphase (Full Game)


another amazing game! thank you, Sir

Hey ReSorocaba, can I tell you something?


There's a new puzzle platformer being released soon (but I don't know when it'll be released),  and it's about when the death animation doesn't work properly.

That tweet was just a silly bug I ran into.

Deleted 72 days ago

Oh, I didn't know that it was a bug. But if you could tell me what a "bug" and "clone" mean or something?

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Great fun, as usual! Completed all 24 levels.


Thanks for mentioning this. No kidding, I was going to stop at level 24. :P