Big Tall Small is a puzzle platformer with multiple characters that must all reach a shared exit. Switch between these characters with different sizes and traits to complete the puzzles in each level.


Move: WAD or Arrow Keys

Switch: Down/Space/Enter

Reset: R

Back: Esc or B

Update 1:

Fixed a visual bug with keys.

Adjusted the starting positions in level 13.


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completed-amazing, it was fun to play. a very nice puzzle game with challenges just hard enough but just easy enough to keep me happy.

The Story:
Three cubes were born in a geometrical world where no one was not here! But with dangerous objects that can kill one of the cubes! How can the three of them escape?


Look at my fanart

Big Tall Small

⬆ Look at my fan art!

@rob1221 which game engine did you use?



And what song is this? Terraria music? Pigstep? I don't know what's this song? I heard of that before...

Levels Cheeo

Y same as my fanart?

Big Tall Small 1 - 24 Levels

Level 12 is hard

I'd like to play the game again. Is there a way to clear my progress and re-start?

You can start from level 1 on the level select scene.

Thanks. I was clicking with the mouse! It works when I use the up/down keys.

Very nice collaborative game, even though it is single player! It would be really interesting to play online with more players!


Very good!


simple concept Very fun game.  

Bon jeu agréable à joué. Concept simple mais efficace. 

J'aime bien la musique


Fun game! Very nice to see how much puzzle mechanics you managed to pull out of such a minimalistic Lost Vikings gameplay.


Very lovely and balanced game.
I love the art for the three characters and the map is nice.

Nice job, it's an enjoyable game.


Big Red can't pull blocks. If Big Red pushes it to a corner, it can't be pulled out.

nice game! little bug, you can gain extra height with jumps if u press jump multiple times (like by pressing w and up near enough at the same time)

Muito bom


Wow... amazing game! I really enjoyed playing it! Awesome!


Nice Job with this game, very creative

I like it, but then I get a little frustrated but overall, good game.

This reminds me of "The Lost Vikings" in a good way.

The adventures of Yeller Feller, Big Red, and Stilts McBlue shall not be forgotten!


It was fun with a moderate level of difficulty.


Really fun little game! Le gros, le mince, et le petit in French :P

I made a fanart!


The fat, the thin & the tiny game.

In spanish is: El juego del gordo, el flaco y el enano XD.


This artwork does really represent what I had said?

Yeah, I drew this on MS Paint lol!