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Fun game

I keep playing this like its plactions, and treating my jumps like gold

A little bit too easy, but still fun.

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can u make kombine 2 online?

collect powerups to get to the portal safely without hitting the spikes to complete all 15 levels

can you slow him down

Deleted 1 year ago

You can change the speed of the character you control by pressing the "+" key, or the "-" key.

I like it

Looked like Flappy from db soft!

Fun Game 

Note: Might be possible to skip the final jump power up on level 12!


very fun game!!!!!!!!

Start Powerless (Full Game)


Nice puzzle platformer!
I really like the way you gain new abilities. Still I wish that the new abilities gave you alternative solutions for levels.
Still a very nice game!
I love the minimalist graphics style. Sometimes less is more!

I like it 🙂


very good , great design !

I really enjoyed this! I feel like it'd be super fun to design levels for it, too.