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I keep playing this like its plactions, and treating my jumps like gold

A little bit too easy, but still fun.

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can u make kombine 2 online?

collect powerups to get to the portal safely without hitting the spikes to complete all 15 levels

can you slow him down

Deleted 236 days ago

You can change the speed of the character you control by pressing the "+" key, or the "-" key.

I like it

Looked like Flappy from db soft!

Fun Game 

Note: Might be possible to skip the final jump power up on level 12!


very fun game!!!!!!!!

Start Powerless (Full Game)


Nice puzzle platformer!
I really like the way you gain new abilities. Still I wish that the new abilities gave you alternative solutions for levels.
Still a very nice game!
I love the minimalist graphics style. Sometimes less is more!

I like it 🙂


very good , great design !

I really enjoyed this! I feel like it'd be super fun to design levels for it, too.