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8 impossibel

9 is like ... impossible?

nine is ez

Ah, I just realized level 15 is solvable  using only 3 polarity-switching items.

Thank you, you are right


Woo! I am just rushing through your games today, lol they are really good. I'm going through and doing the levels that I left unplayed and this is the third game I finished


Having fun with this! I like the simple presentation, and the concept is intuitive because it matches up with real-world concepts of charges. Nice work.

I would reccomend maybe in the future adding mobile support 


Really fun little puzzle game, I'm generally a fan of sokoban style games and this was a elegant little twist!


Another nicely designed set of puzzles based on a simple set of rules from Robert.      Levels 18, 21, and 23 stumped me the most.   I found level   18 particularly dastardly.  The last level was a surprisingly easy walk in the park given what had come before.


fun game, only problem is i cant get through lvl 11 no matter what i do


You can start by moving a (-) into one of the goals but you'll notice that you can't get the (+) out without moving the (-).  So the solution is to bring over the other (-) to prevent the first (-) from being pulled away when you push the (+) out.

thx i got it

i dont understand :/


This is a really good game

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The diversity of levels you create from the simple basic mechanics is really great!


Polarity Switch (Full Game)


Great game!! Really easy to pick up, but great puzzle mechanics.


I'm blocked to level 11, but I really love the puzzle mechanics! Simple but addictive, great idea!

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yet another great puzzle game from rob1221!
keep up the great work :)

btw is it intentional that you only need 4 polarity switchers in level 15? 

edit: whoops, i put 13


you need only 3 actually


nice idea, i have fun :)
-but if i set "plus ball" in the corner i have no chance :(


If you get stuck you can undo any amount of moves by holding Z or U.