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How do you do 9?

i want to grow an extra arm

geometry dash dual mode

Deleted post

is there gonna be a 4th or 6th update or did you stop working on the game

Wow Rob1221 Did you put Jumping Clones On


How to beat level 16

Level 16: Stack the bottom two block clones so the one on the top can jump out. The yellow clones will not stop after you either press the left or the right arrow key.


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Level 18: The green block clone cannot jump, and the yellow block clone won't stop after you press either the left or right key, but jumps, so make sure the green gets to the exit portal before you get the yellow to the other exit portal, and keeping the clones from falling or touching the spikes would complete the level.

Level 19: You'll need to get your yellow block clone to land on the red block clones and jump off of them to collect the little cyan square without touching the spikes.

Level 22: Move all three clones to the left but don't let the green fall to the lower platform. Then, get your top white clone (but not the bottom clone) to jump out of the pit and onto the platform. Move the green to the left and stack it on the white, and move the stacked clones to the right to get the green to the red exit portal. Finally, get both clones to the exit portal after the clone on the left collects the cyan square without touching the spikes.

Or, scroll down to watch the walkthrough of the puzzle platformer, Jumping Clones, to help you on a level you're stuck on.

I Meant 23

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Level 23: Get the two upside-down gravitated purple clones to activate the cyan portal by collecting all four cyan squares so that the white clone can jump to it, before getting each of the purple clones to their red exit portals without touching the spikes.

Also, after you get the two purples to collect all four squares, you can press the up arrow key to jump, without touching or hitting the spikes.


To get all the green clones into position, move left, right, left, right.

i finally beat the game

I found that on Level 21 the red clone is heavier than the purple clone. I made both of them jump on eachother and the red one started pushing the purple one down. I also noticed that if you jump while doing that then sometimes the purple clone will start pushing the red clone up. Its like sometimes one or the other can just get heavier?

On level 21 I'm noticing that when the red guy and the purple guy land on each other, the red guy drags the purple guy slowly down toward the ground. Is that a) intentional, b) physics weirdness, or c) level-specific positioning weirdness?

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It might be c. It could also be due to the weight, could it?

Well, someone else commenting on this mentioned that if you jump while this is happening, you can sometimes get them to reverse, so the purple guy is pushing the red guy upward. So I don't think it has anything to do with weight. I'm honestly leaning toward b (some slight weirdness in how the game physics were implemented).

Oh, ok. I agree with b now.

Oh god the yellow guys are like when my arrow keys get stuck while trying to play platformers lmao

im just gonna tell you rob1221 is making some sort of game with lamps

those are not lamps to me

i need more teasers of this game

Is it similar to Sisão?


I'm making a fanmade sequel, the blue clones are supposed to move like in a top-down game, the magenta clones can wall jump, unfortunately, none of them are working.

Oh, so those are the block characters in that puzzle platformer game? Great fanart!


Like your fanart! :)

Love the game- yet im stuck on level 9 - can anybody help?

Use the bumps on the bottom floor to push the green clone back to the left.


Possible error in level 21--if the red and purple block don't jump immediately after landing on...each other, they'll slowly start to drift downward. Great game!

Yeah I just noticed that, I wasn't sure if it was physics engine weirdness or momentum/altitude weirdness. My guess is it's the former.

Am I just bad or is level 23 actually hard?

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I don't know, but in that level, you can get your two purple block characters to collect the cyan squares to activate the cyan exit portal so that your white block character above it can jump to it, before getting each of your purple block characters to each of their red exit portals. 

Even after the update 2, level 16 is the most difficult, requiring quite some maneuvering skill.

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get to the portal safely without hitting the spikes & falling off the screen to complete all 24 levels

Those are characters

White Block

Red Block

Green Block

Yellow Block

Purple Block


Fun, original concept. The controls are tight, the puzzles are interesting, and the music fits. Great job!

I finished all except 23

I am stuck at 23

how do you beat level 10 im super stupid please help

Get a single green into the first pit to start with.

Fun Game!

Why is the red clone heavier than the purple one ?

What level were you on?

The second level that has the purple blocks.

cant get past lvl 12

I got every one except 16


Amazing game!

Great puzzle platformer game, but how do I complete level 16? I can get one character to get to one exit portal and the other one to another exit portal, but not all three of them to their exits.

You need to stack the bottom two so that one can jump out.

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So, does my white block character need to be stacked on top of the two other block characters that are yellow to get to one exit portal?

No, you can't get all 3 to the top right area anyway.

Oh, ok.

This game hurts my tiny smooth brain


Jumping Clones (Full Game)

Your level 7 is different from the one in the version that was posted.

Yes because since then they have become 2 Update.



I love it! Not very easy to play, but funny!

stuck on level 7 alredy

Hint: White block goes into bottom portal, but first you need to help red block up to middle area.


I think the that's easier the other way around.