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24 level it`s too easy for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I complete 24 level!

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make 24 easier or i will die and blame ydou

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Level 24: You'll have to clear the top area first, then the bottom area.

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How can you blame him if you're dead?

so i found a bug in level 19 where you can jump off the corner of a block and it makes you jump super high and you go in the portal

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why is there energy in level 14?

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It's there on that level to increase your character's hovering energy time in case when it drains out shortly.

Awwwww He's so cute Just Look at that Cute Little Fella  Why  Hover Jumper

I think a fullscreen option could be nice, but overall i love all your platformers

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Hey luvheaven, can I tell you something? 

I saw this and more of your games on, did you put them there?



about this, why is ledge throw only on poki? is it an exclusive or will you add it here later?

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hover to get to the portal safely to land on hover energy or touching a battrery without hitting the spikes & lasers if you touch the spikes & lasers you will die to complete all 24 levels


Very well-made game! I love the level design and everything else about it! Good job!

Hover over obstacles

hey i found a "copy" of ur game it copied the level design and the hover mechanics

i beat level seven without extra energy lol


How did you pass level 7 without extra energy?

how do you beat level 6 without extra energy?




nice as always!

I feel like holding the jump button should make you automatically start hovering at the peak of your jump. That minor nitpick aside, very fun game!

I was surprised by how difficult Level 24 was until I realized how you were supposed to use the hover restore. Then I beat the level without it anyway, just for the challenge. :)

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Interesting! More of a mechanical/skill challenge than is present in your usual games. Fun to control, nice work. There are some levels where the lack of checkpoints feels very unforgiving!

how do i do level 22?

go for e's before the batteries

oh, nevermind, my game was just broken and wouldn't let you release spacebar until your hover ran out

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never mind level 24 is impossible?

level 25 is ridiculous ;)

You need to clear the top area first.


You can tell it's a rob1221 game by the way it unlocks new human emotions and the amazing art style of course!


I like the animations, and it is a very creative game idea. Glad I stumbled upon it!

Also, on level 18, what do the red rectangles do to my character when I hover past them?

They drain energy faster and even when not hovering.


Very nice game! More puzzles please.

lvl 7 impossible

No it's not, the E's extend your floating time, so get them in the right order.

skill issue

Great puzzle platformer game! On level 6, what do the "E's" do when my character collects them?


the e stands for energy, which lets you hover in the air longer


Jump and Hover (Full Game)


This is fun! Very nicely done. Level 5 was a challenge, haha. Will see how much further I can get!


very nice game  :)