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I like this game!


you just finished the tutorial, now ready for 2221 (you know what i mean if you know what i mean)

very simple and fun, well done

how to do 20



Hey Tacoman987, can I tell you something?

how to 6

Defeat the enemy behind the three health pickups first.


level 24 was an awesome "aha" moment


The level 21 and level 11 hints is great game desig

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defeat the enemies to get to the stairs safely  if you run out off HP you will lose and dead and level will be reset try to complete all 24 levels

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Great puzzle game, but on level 14, what do the HP lives, swords, and shields on the light blue pickups do to my character when I collect them? Because I know that the brown pickups with the same icons increase my character's health, strength, and defense.


decreases your stats of it. dont collect them.

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finally beat lvl 22

how beat lvl 13

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yay im stuck on lvl 19

took long enough

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any hints on 12? and yes, i have a meet.

Edit: i beat it and now im stuck on 13


Love your puzzles <3


awesome puzzle game. love the art and the "rpg" feel :-)

Pretty good!
Some of the levels fall into that puzzle game trap of having only 1 solution, so if you've made a mistake you have to redo the steps again.

I'm stuck on level 11 now.

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These games should have YouTube walkthroughs. I can't get past level 10.

Any hints on 22?

Go down the bottom path first.

how do you do level 24

fun brainteaser,  adding unlimited undo/redo would be a nice touch though.

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How do I get past level 8?

Collect the health pickups last.

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Got past that and 9. But now I'm stuck on 10.

Edit: Scratch that. I'll notify you if I get stuck again and REALLY need help.

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Simple mechanics, but really fun! I made it easily to level 6, but I'm at work so I'll continue later at home, hehe

Anyway well done, man!
I like these kind of little games :-)