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Never mind.

I can't seem to beat level 15. How can I beat it?

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any hints on 12? and yes, i have a meet.

Edit: i beat it and now im stuck on 13


Love your puzzles <3


awesome puzzle game. love the art and the "rpg" feel :-)

Pretty good!
Some of the levels fall into that puzzle game trap of having only 1 solution, so if you've made a mistake you have to redo the steps again.

I'm stuck on level 11 now.

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These games should have YouTube walkthroughs. I can't get past level 10.

Any hints on 22?

Go down the bottom path first.

how do you do level 24

fun brainteaser,  adding unlimited undo/redo would be a nice touch though.

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How do I get past level 8?

Collect the health pickups last.

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Got past that and 9. But now I'm stuck on 10.

Edit: Scratch that. I'll notify you if I get stuck again and REALLY need help.

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Simple mechanics, but really fun! I made it easily to level 6, but I'm at work so I'll continue later at home, hehe

Anyway well done, man!
I like these kind of little games :-)