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This game is So Much Fun also How Fast Does Small Run Rob 1221


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with gravity contorlled with 4 different colors on the screen get to the portal safely without hitting the spikes to complete all 24 levels

I think it'd be nice if W stayed as jump, A as left, D as right, etc. (relative to the character)


Press C to toggle control schemes.


completed-nice job on the walking animations, i like how he looks wherever he walks.

Wooo! finished this one today as well as the new one

Pretty cool idea and a great game ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘ But there is not save-game or level select?

There is.

Hey ROB1221! Are you a Filipino?


Fun game, managed to beat the last level on my first try!

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Did you see my comment?????

level 6

(1 edit) imposible.

like seriusly how?!

Slingshot yourself with gravity. Jump in the blue, then let gravity accelerate you towards the green. 

(i meant as in i know the mechanic but its just hard. but thnx for helping)


The Story:

One day, Small was been crash landed into a gravity world called Gravisquare, Small's body changed by random colors without his default color, but he was now transparent. How can he escape in this entire gravity world?

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The final level was ridiculous, and it felt like it changed the rules on how jumps around corners work, but whatever I guess. Thanks for the game, it was pretty fun up until that point.


How level 6?


Level 19 feels like a reference to the Saffron City Gym from Pokemon.

Fun game, great job.

The reference based of in the game in a good way!

Now my favorite color is blue, I disrespect greenlovers.

The fanart I made for Gravisquare

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Hey, DoubleTheFun, just wanted to let you know that a new puzzle platformer called Hop Warp has been published on! The character looks like the yellow character Small, only blue. :)

Also, I like your fanart!

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This? HOP WARP - Play Hop Warp on Poki

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Yep, the game is located in It's not on yet, but it will be, soon. I've started playing that game last week.

I don't know where you got that from, but I'm not planning on an Itch release for Hop Warp since the web version is exclusive to Poki.

good game lvl 6 is hard tho

lol uh speaking of... how do you get past that one?

AHA! nevermind I got it


Here is my fanart!

Wow, this game has fanarts? That's cool.


Yes, I am a huge fan of rob1221, because I like the cute designs!

I love rob1221 for that reason, along with the fact that I am a puzzle nerd :D


My artwork was very cute

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Hey DoubleTheFun, I like your fanart! Also, the two characters that are the same size look a little different.

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The Twin Brothers Are Cute After All


Fun game! 24 was a bit "Kaizo" but it was a good conclusion.

Is this the one I tell you?

Gravisquare (Full Game)

Thank you very much for the nice games you offer us.

Umm, what song is this?


Good question

Link to video?

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