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how to 10

What game engine is he using to make these games


What is the white elemental tile?


How to beat level 4

kill the first enemy then push the 1st and 3rd(triple bois) move to top left and then comit arson(fire)


It looks like Sokoban! Thanks rob1221 for featuring it! It looks like a game for Nintendo Switch!

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how level eight you cant kill red when u freeze it

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also there's a glitch where if you complete a random level you can go to the next level you were on so now i'm on 9


The level select screen lets you skip up to 2 levels.

now how do i do 11...

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Excellent mechanic, the game explains himself without text, a good amount of levels, the expresions of the character depending of the superpower...

The only thing I didn't like was the sprite of the hexagons, but it's personal preferences only.


All levels completed :D


the only thing i don't like about this game is that it doesn't have more levels!


This reminds me so much of those flash games you would find on sites like armour games or coolmathgames! I love how nostalgic it feels

Something I didn't realize until the last few levels is that there is a cheat proof feature that is genius! With the buttons there is a way where you can have two enemies in the same room with the undo button. The character did something odd and i didn't know what it was doing until i stopped the undo. It moved the second enemy to a corner so it was useless! This man is such a genius!


Playthrough for those who need help...

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Nice one.. Now I've just gotta try to resist looking.. currently baffled by 17.. EDIT: All done! with no looking.. Great little sokoban with just the right level of difficulty for me..


Effective concept. Great level design. With more polish it could be awesome !

I couldn't solve level 22


i cant solve level 12

wait nvm i solved it

i can't solve 19

i got it

Level 10 so hard


Always a pleasure to see a rob1221 game! Great job!