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Great game

"[...] so don't worry about losing any pieces."

You can actually lose a piece when there is a purple trigger:
1) You move a piece on the trigger to make the purple blocks be disabled
2) You put a piece behind one of the disabled purple block.
3) Then remove your piece on the trigger to re-enable the purple blocks.

Even if you re-enable the trigger, the piece is now forever gone!

This can be reproduced on Level 21.

That was probably not "intended"?  But we can reset the level when that happen. ;-)

I closed a door with a rook in it and it died

you can beat level 10 with horse



Loved the game, music didn't get on my nerves, the puzzles were difficult.

Lol yeah the music is very repetitive but also really good so it doesn't get annoying

Game too easy for me !

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The mechanics seems easy to set up, but the level building and the difficulty curve show skill. This is a great game today.

Music is very nice. Can I have mp3 or midi for listening please?


Awesome... It took me a while to figure out pawn promotion in level 15.


That last level was absolutely insane. The way it combined every mechanic was just perfect.

i love it

hi! this is yours?

Nope, just a bad clone

as I suspected ;)

have you thought about making another chess based game?


🧐Which came first, this or the modern Atari homebrew Fallen Kingdom?


Chessformer came first at the start of 2021.  This isn't the first clone I've seen and probably won't be the last.

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Great game, how many levels are there in the steam version?


Double the levels which is 48.

You should probably write this explicitly on Steam and in this page.  Maybe consider giving it a name to qualify the more complete version on Steam?

Bonus questions:

  • Do you intend to upgrade the Steam version or is it definitive?
  • Have you saw other examples that pre-date yours (as you said a lot of clones have been made after your game)?


  • There could be a time/blitz mode? (this definitely could be speed run!)
  • Level editor (as others have said) and a way for user to share (I don't know how much interests + actions there will be, but that is sure an interest idea to potentially have more content)
  • More levels (as others have said)
  • Etc. (I have not give it deep thoughts how this game can be improved, but since it can be beat relatively quickly some would want more after paying even if it is not priced that high)

All this being said, I really enjoyed beating this version, level 24 was an interesting challenge.   Very clever usage of chess to make a puzzle game.  THANKS!  :)


Congratulations for getting #1 on Bart Bonte's list of the top ten indie logic games of 2021! You absolutely deserved it!



Great game, challenging but not too difficult as to be frustrating. My six year old likes it too. Some suggestions: Keep track of the number of moves so you can try for a higher score. Add some opponent pieces that can threaten your pieces and thus limit your movement (excepting the king, of course) and that you can capture. Oh, and I want to see a pawn capture the king!

lvl12 is impossibl








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Excellent puzzle game! It just needs an undo button.


Bravo! I found the game on Cool Math Games because I was bored and putting off studying for a test, and I discovered this game of brilliant design! So brilliant and properly difficult, but once you solve a level you feel a good sense of accomplishment. The way it works you really have to understand the puzzle to make it through, at least with the later harder levels. You can't really stumble upon the solution without understanding it, and it's so welly created! I love the use of these classic mechanics of chess pieces being used in such a creative out of the box way! I played the game and thought, "I wish I had thought of this and made it! It would've been so cool to take credit for such an awesome and brilliant game!" I had to look up the game on google to find it here on, bravo! One of the cleverest small games I've seen, great job!

What piece do I pick on the first piece picking level?

What do you mean "piece picking"? Do you mean pawn promotion

well it is either the knight or the queen (bishop and rook are just bad, partially functioned queen)


Beat the game! Puzzles are tough but fair, great use of chess pieces and mechanics.

I liked how you sometimes it's better to turn your peon into a Knight, rather than a Queen (just like in real chess!)


I loved it!
Really fun, with right level of difficulty and quite original!
The last level was challenging but it was nice to never have to restart it. Good job really, very polished and interesting levels!


when the bishop can change the color square it's on.

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Very wonderful. Thanks for the lovely game!  Super fun level design.  


That was a lovely afternoon diversion! I sent you $15. However, I was disappointed there was no castling-move puzzle. 

I’m really enjoying this - the only drawback is that it doesn’t save my progress between session, even though I’m logged in. Is that unavoidable, or am I missing something?

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The game does save after each level, so maybe something is going on with your browser not finding or keeping the save data.


LOVED this. Great work


Chessformer (Puzzle Platformer Games)


thanks for walktrought i wouldnt beat lvl 12 lol  :D


Hello Rob1221! I love your puzzle games and am personally inviting you to take part in my puzzle game jam! You do not have to join, but I would appreciate it if you did!

I enjoyed it a lot, thanks!

Will there be a sequel with moving opponent pieces?


Excellent game! Such a simple yet clever idea, nice puzzles too :)

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Brilliant puzzle game!  Level 24 requires lots of moves to get all the pieces where they need to be.  Took me several tries to get the whole sequence correct.   User-designed levels for this puzzle mechanic would be awesome.


Great puzzle game!  I love it. Suggestion -- I played it on a phone and accidentally hit the reset / back buttons multiple times. It'd be great if there's a confirmation. Also, please add undo! The last stage was very annoying because of these problems..


Great puzzle game!

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